Hokusai Collected Sketches for Biggners

"Hokusai Etehon shusei6" Hokusai Collected Sketches for Biggners 6

Katsushika Hokusai/Nagata Seiji

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Katsushika Hokusai has published a number of picture models, and his works are highly regarded. This book is a 6-volume series that introduces all the picture models that Hokusai worked on. Among the many picture models, “Ippitsu Gafu”, which was drawn for beginners, is a bestseller in the Edo period. Hokusai, who was impressed by the one-stroke drawing of birds drawn by Fukuzensai in Owari, published it as a three-colored book so that people could easily draw various motifs such as people, birds, beasts and flowers. ” Shingata Komoncho” is a series of patterns with various motifs that “make a crest that you have never seen”. Includes the entire “Ima-you Comb Model” that shows various designs of combs and smoke tubes.

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