Unsodo was founded in Kyoto in 1891 as an art book publisher.The only publisher in Japan to publish handrail woodblock books,
We make various art books and crafts by utilizing the technology.
The name “Unsodo” comes from the name of Tomioka Tessai. “Unso” is a perennial plant of the Rutaceae family, and is cultivated for medicinal and ornamental purposes under the name “Wijnruit” in Southern Europe. It has long been used as a herb to protect books from pests.


The founder, Naosaburo Yamada, became independent from the long-established bookstore Tanaka Bunkyudo, and started publishing design books in Nijo, Teramachi under the name of “Yamada Geishodo”.
Established “General Partnership Unsodo” by merging with “Honda Unsodo” run by Naosaburo’s brothers.
Opened Tokyo store in Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo.
Celebrate the 100th anniversary
Celebrate the 100th anniversary


Woodblock prints are made in the same way as Ukiyo-e printmaking techniques of the Edo period. First, carve a black line on the board, and then carve a colored board. Skilled craftsmen carve one by one.


It is the skill of the sushi master to rub 100 sheets in the same tone while balancing the overall color tone.

Woodblock print work

We have produced a number of works based on reprints of woodblocks in our collection, including ukiyoe loved around the world by artists such as Hokusai and Hiroshige, as well as works by Kasamatsu Shiro, Ito Jakuchu, and Kamisaka Sekka.
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Original stationery

Produces and sells high-quality stationery suitable for modern use from the archive of Unsodo
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Book publishing

Published a wide range of books such as Japanese art, crafts, and photographs, including a collection of woodblock print designs from the Meiji era.
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