UNSODO is the only publishing company in Japan that publishes woodblock prints.

Kasamatsu Shiro

sk14 Tokyo Tower

In 2021, a full-scale retrospective exhibition of Kasamatsu Shiro was held at the Ota Memorial Museum and the Aioi Forest Museum. Kasamatsu, who is called the "last Shin-hanga painter," has been attracting attention again for his nostalgic style, following Kawase Hasui and others famous Shin-hanga painter.

Kamisaka Sekka

No.3 Puppies

The exhibition "Kamisaka Sekka: Inheriting the Timeless Rimpa Spirit" is currently being held at the Panasonic Shiodome Museum of Art! Sekka's masterpiece "momoyogusa", which follows the Rinpa style, is loved all over the world.


芸艸堂 -UNSODO-

The touch of Japanese paper, gorgeous colors… We will show you the world of woodblock prints made by artisans.

UNSODO was founded in 1891 as a publishing company specializing in art. With modernization, offset printing has become the mainstream. However, we continue to produce books and prints by woodblock printing with artisans who carry on traditional woodblock printing techniques.

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