Flower Prints -Four seasons-


Yuichi Osuga

15,400JPY (includes tax)

Color woodblock print

Echizen Japanese paper



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Enjoy seasonal flowers at home

It is said that the four seasons in Japan are beautiful. We think it is because the flowers color the seasons.We wanted to bring the beauty of flowers to you, so we made woodblock prints of flowers blooming in nature, using pigments.
■We offer the reprinted edition (Atozuri, Later edition) which print from the original carvings. (The Original print was produced in the 1960s.)
■Print bears Unsodo Publisher’s seal along with the carver and printer seals in the margin. Please note that the work you receive may not be the same printer.

Yuichi Osuga (1939~)
He is studied from the Nanga and Shijyo-Maruyama schools. His delicate and gorgeous brush strokes are unique to the Kyoto School of Japanese painting, which is based on the study of Yuzen patterns.

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