p1. Mt.Fuji in Hagoromo Kaigan Seashore

Okada Koichi

15,400JPY (includes tax)

Color woodblock print

Echizen Japanese paper



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Reprinting a masterpiece from the Showa era

Okada Koichi (1907-1991)
Okada Koichi was born in Tokyo 1907. After graduated art school, he exhibited many works to Nitten, imperial academy art exhibition etc. He became a member of an art membership Issui-kai. He created a series of 12 prints of famous views of Japan, most of them with Mount Fuji in the background. The prints were published by Unsodo.
■We offer the reprinted edition (Atozuri, Later edition) which print from the original carvings.
■Print bears Unsodo Publisher’s seal along with the carver and printer seals in the margin. Please note that the work you receive may not be another printer.

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