27 Morning at Ubako, Hakone

Kasamatsu Shiro

15,400JPY (includes tax)

Color woodblock print

Echizen Japanese paper



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The last Shin-hanga artist

Kasamatsu Shiro (11 January 1898 – 14 June 1991)
He is a Japanese Shin-hanga and Sōsaku-Hanga artist. He Born in Asakusa, Tokyo and apprenticed to Kaburagi Kiyokata (1878 – 1973) to study Japanese painting at the age of 14, and continued his activities at the Tatsugakai and the local society.In the 1950s he published bird and animal prints, landscapes and “famous views” with the publisher Unsodo – altogether more than 100. Especially the “famous views of Japan” series have been re-evaluated in recent years, and exhibitions are being held in various places as the ” The last Shin-hanga artist”.
■We offer the reprinted edition (Atozuri, Later edition) which print from the original carvings. (The Original print was produced from 1952 to 1959.)
■Print bears Unsodo Publisher’s seal along with the carver and printer seals in the margin. Please note that the work you receive may not be another printer.

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