World of Things

No.13 Whirling Snow

Kamisaka Sekka

27,500JPY (includes tax)

Color woodblock print

Echizen Japanese paper



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A Modern RIMPA Designer

Kamisaka Sekka (1866~1942)
Born in Kyoto, his real name is Yoshitaka. He studied under Mizuhiko Suzuki of the Shijo school, and later entered the gate of Kishikei and learned design. He is a painter of the Koetsu Korin school, and has worked on the original drawings and interior decoration of craft works such as lacquer ware and dyeing and weaving, and published a large collection of designs.
Her style, such as visiting Europe and adopting the Art Nouveau style, received enthusiastic praise in Europe and the United States as a person who pioneered her unique territory. She also gave a dawn to Japan’s modern crafts and contributed greatly to its subsequent development. Her work is still highly regarded today, especially in the West, and is featured on the cover and intro 12 pages of “Le Monde Hermès” No. 38. In Sekka’s work, the world of innovative design beauty that fascinates even today’s leading brands is still alive.
The work to be introduced is a woodblock print from the art book “Hyakuseisou” published by Unsodo in 1909-10, which was made by modern woodblock prints one by one using the woodblock prints of that time.

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